Our aim is to enable Developing Countries to have effective Computer Literacy Programs

Techknowledgy hope that by drawing together resources from donors and other like minded organisations and providing an NGO in each developing country we will achieve an effective and efficient mean of providing Computer Literacy and other computer related skills to the students of Developing Countries

We do this with the co-operation of the Government

We work closely with the respective Government Departments. We draw together the resources of other similar organisations, the Education Department, the Department of Finance and other related bodies. We also add teacher training and create an effective recycling and maintenance organisation.

With your help we will recycle your redundant IT equipment

By achieving our goals we will have the most effective way of empowering individuals to help to achieve a better standard of living and thus improving the recipient Countries chances of keeping up with the rest of the world. And we will do this by the generosity of individuals, organisations, businesses and Government who donate their redundant computers to a good cause.

Where we do it

We are presently in Ghana, Tanzania, and Sierra Leone, providing ICT to West Africa.